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Zion National Park in Southern Utah


One of the simplest of the "Easy Adventures" from the film, The Narrows is quite simply the Virgin River as it cuts through same of the most amazing towering rock canyons you'll ever experience. For the easiest route, enter Zion National Park and take a shuttle to the Narrows Trail Head at the Temple of Sinawava. Just like in the film, you get dropped off from the shuttle at that stop, then hike less than a mile to the Narrows trail head, As you walk the easy, flat pre-trail, you can look around to get a little sample of what you'll experience once you get to the Narrows, with red canyon walls and some "weeping" walls along the way. Once you get to the actual river trailhead, it's pretty simple: get in the water and walk! The majority of the hike is all pretty flat, but the river is rocky, so a hiking stick or two really helps your balance, as well as water shoes. You can rent those in the park at the entrance shuttle stop, or outside of the park at places like Zion Adventures, as featured in the film. Then walk as far as you can stand, the walls changes back and forth in style and look as you go, it's really an amazing feast of what nature can create with simply water and rock over millions of years. The best time of year to go is probably the summer (more crowded) and early fall (less people), when the river water level goes up to the ankles and feels amazing in the usual summer/fall heat, along with the cooling shadows of the canyons. Winter and Spring are really tough times to go as water levels can get up face levels, and you'd need to rent a dry suit to avoid hypothermia. 

If you just want to take it easy or have kids, you don't have to go far to see beautiful canyon walls and small weeping waterfalls, literally just a few steps ahead, so take your time and enjoy a short hike.

"Wall Street"area


If you're a little more game to hike further and want to see some of the really beautiful unique areas, get out a couple miles further to the "Wall Street" area, featured in the film. It's a relatively easy flat hike all the way there, and you pass other great formations like "Floating Rock." You'll pass a great small side canyon, Orderville Canyon, oh the right, but we'll get back to that later. Just like in the film, when you hit the beginning of "Wall Street," you'll know when you see it.


Then just stroll through about a half mile of beautiful canyon walls that stretch to the heavens, in all shades of chocolate browns, oranges and reds, its curvy and smooth textures mixed with striated and multiple-shaded stripes, and it's like you're in another world. Because you are. If you watched our film and were impressed by what you saw there, I promise you it doesn't even remotely capture what it's like to see it in real life.


Orderville Canyon

On your way back from Wall Street, if you're still game for Easy Adventure and have time, go back to the side canyon you saw on the way to Wall Street... this is Orderville Canyon, a smaller, narrower slot canyon that's just as beautiful and amazing to see. Climb over a few rocks and boulders and you can reach the areas seen in the film, where Joe gets Amelia's first message and he kicks back to take it all in. It's an area that really makes you feel you're someplace quiet, private and special. It's pretty much a straight shot, so wander as far as you want then turn around and head back to get back to the main river trail.


Resources for the Narrows

Plenty of places to learn more information on the Narrows for WHEN YOU GO:






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