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We were thrilled to get some really positive reviews from Chicago area reviewers before our upcoming World Premiere on April 11thas part of the Asian-American Film Showcase at the Gene Siskel Film Center. The Chicago Reader called it a:

““strikingly original road movie Find Me, from Chinese-American writer-director Tom Huang. He stars as a divorced accountant in LA who's forced out of his comfort zone as he tracks a missing coworker through three southwest national parks. The stunning landscapes and Huang's low-key persona are enchanting, as are the ethnically diverse free spirits he encounters during his quest.”

Local Chicago TV and movie critic Pamela Powell wrote:

“Find Me” is a funny, uniquely charming, and gorgeous film that will inspire you to “be a traveler, not a tourist” in life.  … it’s a meaningful and poignant film with life lessons that will make you sigh and even shed a few tears.”

“The entire cast is outstanding in “Find Me.”  Huang and Amini are a joy to see together in their roles as they have natural chemistry. Their comfortable conversations and non-verbal communication create a naturalness not typically captured in films. Amini brings zest to Huang’s writing for her character who has wonderful working knowledge about nature. And Huang has a stellar performance as a reluctant traveler filled with a longing for more.”

So happy to hear they enjoyed the film and big thanks for taking the time out for the write-ups!



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